Physical Biochemistry


The second edition required choices to be made and these are inevitably influenced by one’s perception of what is needed and useful for students to know at the start of their scientific journey into molecular life science. In making these choices I have continued to be guided by what I perceive to be the most generally-used and helpful techniques but I accept that specialists in one or more technique may disagree. Physical biochemistry

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In preparing this second edition I had help from many of the colleagues listed in the preface to the First Edition. In addition, I must thank Dr Rebecca Green, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Nottingham, UK, for her invaluable comments on surface plasmon resonance (Chapter 3). I am also indebted to the excellent staff atWiley’s especially my editors, Celia Carden and FionaWoods for their unfailing encouragement and understanding. However, any errors in the text are my own. I earnestly hope that the reader will find something interesting and thought-provoking in this volume and be encouraged to explore these very powerful approaches in their work. Physical biochemistry





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